I have resurrected the old Orange Schwinn Peloton for the call of duty this January. I do not know how the beast has survived three changes of ownership and 2 years of racing punishment--but it's back in business.

Training has finally started up again here ordained by the coach. I even had to do a hard effort already, which is totally unfair. I hate going hard when I'm an out of shape blob.

Another semester has concluded at UW, which means I am unfortunately another semester closer to graduation. I hate thinking about the use of an engineering degree, because it completely eludes me.

Countdown 10 days to Scottsdale, AZ and sunny riding. In the meantime, 32 degrees and rain. I love Green Bay.


TSK said...

So what are YOU pushing these days for 20 minutes?

Ryan Baumann said...

I wouldn't touch that one with a 10 foot pole.