Melons, Snakes, and orange throw up

Snake Alley--

Started well in the lead group, but the rainy conditions made the descent pretty difficult. I let some gaps open on the descent and paid for it, finding myself in a chase group of three about 10 sec behind the 15 leaders on lap 4. Lap 7 I'm felling okay until my tire explodes on the finishing straight. The fault seemed to be a grate that cut right through my tire, casing and sidewalls and all. So that was that, no free laps at the Snake. Alex and Josh did well, placing 18th and 28th respectively.

Melon Cities--

Legs felt kind of bad today, so I sat in for the first 5 laps to warm things up. I got to the front and chased some attacks for the next while, before we missed a key move with 18 laps to go. I knew it was time to go, so I chased really hard from the bottom of the hill to the top of the course, bringing back the breakaway. Unfortunately I kind of dug myself a good hole from the effort, and my asthma kicked in a bit...needless to say it's hard to recover if you can' t breathe well. I felt good by 5 laps to go, but by that point we had missed the winning break and the race was kind of over. Tomorrow will be better!

I have orange bar tape. It is hot. Even if Ebert says it doesn't match. Our jersey's are orange. How is that possible???

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Anonymous said...

ebert's right, wrong orange. You're color-blind! Results from Melon City look like it was a rough race all around, except for steve. Today is the day!