I'm legal

As in UCI legal, of course. Thanks to senor Eric Bean I am now outfitted with a top secret bike. ID it if you can.

Testing out the rig on the lakeshore
Nothing like field testing on the sketchy dirt path next to the lake.

Fred's back on the bicycle, offroading it as usual

A beautiful day for rolling in the dirt.

In the full tuck, tweaking stuff for ToV prolouge next Tuesday

The best way to end a ride--up the spiral parking ramp at Monona Terrace. I think it's one way traffic, but I've never checked?

Sheboygan race on Saturday. See y'all at home field,



jaco said...

looks like it might be beans p3 from years past...

Ryan Baumann said...

I guess that penultimate picture kind of gave it away.