A breath of fresh air

In the breakaway at the UW Sheboygan race on Saturday--Me, Johnny Meyers, and Kyle Jacobsen.
Finally taking the win.

It's been a hectic past few days, but a long story short is I drove down to Virginia for the Tour of Virginia this past weekend. My ABD teammates Mike Ebert, Bret Stewart, and Alex Sharon are down here in mountain-town USA together for the Tour. Today was the first stage....

A 4 mile time trial, nice and fast in the early morning. The legs felt halfway decent, and I got 14-15th place on the day (tie). Even better news was that I was the fastest U23 rider in the race! I actually skipped out on the awards ceremony thinking I didn't race that well, but whatdyaknow. I'm supposed to get the jersey tonight for the crit.

More updates later, time to race again.


Hauser said...

Nice job in both, keep the updates rolling, skipping the awards...I oughta...!!!!

Anonymous said...

You were awesome at sheboygan, keep up the great work in virginia!