Back in 2nd place

I'm back to 2nd place in the U23 race, so I have my work cut out for the rest of the race!

Yesterday's crit was kind of sketchy....
But I managed to stay on two wheels and roll in with the pack of the 120 remaining riders with no time losses.

Today is a nice 190km jaunt in the mountains. Musette bags and all, we're ready to go.


TSK said...

Wow. You are out in Virginia, and I'm still pampering saddle sores from Saturday when you schooled me.

You stud. I'm rooting for you!

Are you just skipping class?

kyle j said...

you got one of those too tsk? We did get dragged around thats for sure.
Good luck ryan!

Ryan Baumann said...

Let's just say I have "shit worked out" with my professors.

It's no spring break, unfortunately.

And no saddle sores after today, but I do have some nasty sores on the bottom of my feet. Hot feet is totally redefined at 90 degrees for a 5 hour stage.

TSK said...

See, if you had sweet Lake molded carbon fiber shoes, you wouldn't be having such problems.


Ryan Baumann said...

Touche, John. Touche.