Rid'em Cowboy

Training has been super awesome the past few days, with all the rain, wind, and snow we got here in Madtown. Monday the snow was too deep to navigate, so I plundered on the TT bike on the rollers for a while.

Tuesday it warmed up quite nicely and the roads became rideable, so I busted out the Slingshot DDX Cross'er for some hours in the saddle! Complete with rain pants and all, I tackled the New Glarus loop in no time flat.

Thanks to Josh Carter's wife, Julie, I'm trying out a new wobblenaught-like fit. My saddle is jammed all the way forward instead of all the way back on the rails...and, *gasp!*, I have my saddle pointed DOWN a degree or two! It feels really weird, but very smooth on the pedals. I keep thinking that I look like one of them Spaniard racers in the Tour, with a super smooth, fast pedaling style, all toes down a such.

Scratch the downward seat angle though, that baby is back to being tilted a degree or two up like she's supposed to be. Try it, you'll love it. I swear I'll never run my saddle nose down again.

I leave you with this--What I felt like saying to my first calc teacher:
Now I'm done with calc class for good, whatdaya say to that, x?


Anonymous said...

that's geometry, not calc. how'd you get into an ME program? scary!!

Ryan Baumann said...

ME's are secretly dumb at math, we just hide it really well.

Compton Ass Jerry said...

x = 5