1) >15'' of snow in Madison

2) No 6 hour Deathmarch on Saturday in St. Louis3) Race on Sunday CANCELED4) Toilet clogged from misplaced contact caseWhat makes it all better?

Garret AND Nick in the top 15 at ToC Stage 8!!!!!

God, please let us race soon...


sad panda said...

i feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't you do the first collegiate race last weekend? You would have owned that thing! Don't you still want to win the collegiate omnium?

Ryan Baumann said...

Let's not call collegiate racing easy...in fact, I may call it even harder than big USCF races! The strong men win, every race.

I just want to get some good racing in here to see how my legs are doing. I'm nervous, I missed the first race, I hope I'm not behind?

Anyways, racing this weekend at Depauw, see everyone there!