A look ahead

Today I enjoyed another stage of the Tour of California via Velonews live updates. It's kind of sad that I get super excited about shot, semi-literate text messages pertaining to a bike race. But seriously, I will get up and yell at the computer screen if the race coverage makes me excited! Like today when Leiphimer crashed with 2 laps to go on stage 1--and was going to loose the leader's jersey--I actually stood up and jumped like a crazed football fan or something. When Dave Z had to go to the hospital from that crash, I was refreshing the webpage like 3 times per minute trying to get the most up to date news possible...

In other words, I found it exciting despite the lack of video coverage. To say the least.

This weekend brings the first road race of the season, the Froze Toes road race in Columbia, MO. I'm meeting up with my teamate Alex Sharon at Prairie Path Cycles in Winfield, IL Friday to pick up the ABD team clothing and to drive the team van down to St Louis.

Tour of California is getting me excited. Race season has begun already...

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