Fightin' words

Jordan, Becka and I had a nice cold ride today on the road. I rocked the Slingshot DDX bike with 30c tires for increased warmth resulting from lower speeds. A nice bonus for working harder with the cross bike was arriving home after 5 hours with warm toes and hands...wow--I really forgot what that was like--and I must say, I recommend it!

Freezing for Safety went down yesterday on the streets of Madtown. I got my scream on and acted like a hoolagin riding my bike on rollers for 2 hours. The only thing that really got people's attention when I was screaming at them to donate money--the classic "Do you like death?" I always got the head turn and "What the hell?" expression on the face. Hey, if you need to raise money to help save kids lives, you better not like death! Worked every time.

I've got to give a shout out to Garret and Nick to rip it up at this week's Tour of California. Nick last year won the "Most Aggressive Rider" award on one stage by breaking away with Jens Voigt of CSC and Ekimov of Discovery Channel....should we expect more this year? I certainly hope so. Garret sounds like he's going good as well. Should be fun to watch!

My prediction for the Tour Prolouge on Sunday:

Go Hincapie!

Ride tomorrow, be there 10:30am....


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