Hottest Bike of 2007

I'm not going to lie, ABD's team Trek Madone 5.2 SL is going to look pretty dang hot as well. It's going to look even hotter since I pick up the bike and components.....this week! Pictures to follow, drool to commence shortly thereafter.

Alright! I'm going to turn up the ipod, tune to Cycling.tv and blast out some hours on the rollers.

Speaking of rollers...tomorrow will bring the one, the only, the feared--5 hour roller mania! 10am at my place, email if you want to come. Bragging rights only for those in attendance.

Pray for warmer weather...



Brandon said...

I rode that same frame with sram force, zipp cranks... light ass tubular wheels... 14 lbs with pedals. My old Shop Art Doyle's up in hudson has those bike as demo's

freak'n pimp.

Ryan Baumann said...

look 595 DEMOS?

Thats certainly pimp.

Even cooler if you could take out "riders insurance" and beat the shit out of the thing just to see what it can take.

"It's only 2 flights of stairs, Brandon..."

Brandon said...

hell... I'd take that sucka down some stairs. Looks are tuff-as-nails. Plus... I got mad stair riding skills. You've seen it!