Gearin up

Despite the cold weather recently, Madison has been basking in the sun, so it doesn't feel so bad out. I'll take moderately cold and sunny over cloudy or rainy any day.

So, since the sun got me all' happy' today, I was excited to get fit for new equipment. ABD really has some great sponsors this year, so we just have to worry about racing and not about our equipment. Among our sponsors this year are Trek Bikes, Bontrager Components, Serfas optics/tires/saddles, Sidi shoes, Saris Powertaps, Powerbar foods, and Emergen-C drinks.

Nothing is more important than being comfy and powerful on the bike, so I spent a good amount of time today visiting Willy Bikes and Machinery Row to get the right equipment worked out. A big thanks goes out to Chris at MR for taking the time to fit me on the Trek bike, despite not actually purchasing a bike there!

So...the verdict is in:
07 Trek Madone SL frame, size 60cm
Bontrager Race X Lite WheelsBontrager Race Lite OS VR bars--I love the VR bend, you should try it!Sidi Genius 5.5 Carbon, sz 45.5, standard widthSerfas Furano Saddle

Serfas Hunter Interchangeable Optics
I figure I can top that off with some good workhorse Ultegra components--or perhaps SRAM Rival. Either way, the whole package should work out great.

Time for some more roller riding action--:)


Waite For It said...

So then are you on their elite team? And do you get all of this stuff for free...and then give it back at the end of the season or something like that?

Maybe I can get a deal like that next year...that would rule...

Ryan Baumann said...

The team sponsors have been kind enough to get the elite team all of their products free of charge.

All the gear is some of the best I've seen at any bike shop. I'm looking forward to riding it soon.