Day off

The throat felt a bit scratchy today, and given that I'm due for a nice recovery week here, I took the day completely off. Not going to do that often, so I enjoyed it by watching Scrubs re-runs for at least 2 hours. Now I feel throughly enlightened.

ABD, PCW, BD, what will it be? Hopefully I will know very soon.

A little training camp this winter seems to be shaping up quite nicely down in North Carolina and Georgia. I can't wait to escape the winter chill that is WI in January...it seems that winter is finally going to hit us this week. Time to bust it out--yes, it--the balaclava. Sweet Jesus he said it! I wonder if he'll survive...? (rhetorical question, of course I won't)

Training wheels, you can't beat em'. 36-spoke curb-bashing-proof goodness never looked so hot:

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