Athletes by Design

After a lot of debate, I've finally found a team to ride for next season--Team ABD out of Illinois. I'm really excited about this team, it's really eveything that I was looking for--strong team leaders, great race support, and racing in both local and national races including U23 Nationals.

Looks like I'll be riding a Trek and sporting the red, blue, and orange next season.

Time to go rock the rollers.


Anonymous said...

This is my third effort at a comment,Great job Ryan, congrats!!

Waite For It said...

So I guess I'll be racing against you next year, eh? Should be fun and competitive...at least we'll know each other and help each other in some breakaways. What's Fred's plan for a team next year? I'll probably just stay on BD....

Ryan Baumann said...

We're still teamates on UW, Matt, let's focus on kicking some Marin-IU ass first!

Fred's riding for IS Corps with Jordan, Casey, Kyle, Fresh, Kip, and the Hatch Bros.

See you Sunday on the ride