Washington Park CX--Freak show, or race?

It is I.

It is the baumann.

Really, Baumann is the only word that I can hear while drilling it, crosseyed, at-the-limit in the middle of a cross race. You could call me anything--Momma's boy, jerkey lover, cow tipper, won't-wear-a-costume-for-Halloween'er....I wouldn't hear it unless you follow it up with a sick redition of "Baumann!" You've been warned.

Today was another day in the life of a crosser. I'm begining to think that crossers would make seriously good crit racers on the road. It is just plain hard out there. It doesn't matter if you're just racing at a WCA race, or if your name is Kyle Jacobsen and you kill it at UCI's every weekend. It always hurts the same, just some days you go faster when the competition is better.

The Wash Park course was fast, fairly rolling, and very bumpy--I liked it. The race started out well for me, and I sat in a long train of about 10 guys for the first 3 laps. Matt Brandt and Kyle Jacobsen went off the front after that, but was pretty happy where I was so I took my chances in the pack of riders. I never really looked at the lap cards all race, deciding to just play it by feel and go hard when I felt good, and recover when I felt bad.

Eventually it bork up into Jacobsen, Matter, and one other dude off the front, with me, Jesse Lalonde, Matt Brandt, and Chris S in the chase group. Jessee was doing most of the work, and I let him. My legs were good, but not good enough to sit on the front! So I drafted as much as possible.

With 3 laps to go, I told Matt "I'm dropping back," but after 30 sec or so I felt better and got back up to Matt, but Chris S and Lalonde had already pulled away. I noticed the man himself Mike Phillips was hot our tail, and I wasn't feeling strong, so I told Matt I was going to drop back behind Mike and make him think I was out of contention. On the final straightaway I bridged the gap up to Matt, and we lead out the sprint and caught Phillps off guard, taking 6th and 7th respectively.

The Iceman is near....I am tentatively predicting good form on Saturday. I can feel it.


Sarah Lukas said...

I just realized you and I both were going to take this weekend off and recover before Iceman...but then we both raced Washington Park. O well, you did awesome there, I must say! I have to get you a picture of you and fred from camrock...hmmm...see you this weekend in michigan

Ryan Baumann said...

Michigan....ahhh, Michigan!

Did you take a look at the weather forecast? Sorry, I forgot to mention that it may be below freezing on Saturday--not the 50's I promised.

Oh well, our cabin is right at the finish line should anyone need to warm their frostbitten fingers after the race.

Sarah Lukas said...

That is a cruel joke that you played on me. Getting my hopes up that it might be warm out...I may need to go all out and buy a full leg warmer rather than just my knees...

Get ready for it!