Badger Prarie Cross / I Love Dirt

The legs just didn't want to go hard today. Maybe it was the cold I've been comming down with the past week, maybe it was too much training, or maybe I'm just worn out after a long season.

Either way, it's time for some RECOVERY. Ahh yes, the hardest part of the season. I always think, "I can't wait to not ride the bike for a while..." Then, 2 days later, I realize that I'm bored, stressed out, and lazy--I want to ride again. But not this week. There has got to be some good ol' time away from training of any sort every once and a while. So Monday-Friday, no riding.

If I'm itching to ride again next weekend, I'll show up for a little MTB action at WORS Sheboygan race. I'm down for going for a little sprint preem action, followed up with a little Equalizer attacking...

Congrats to Tristan today on the win. I know it's "just a WCA race", but hey, he lapped me and most of the rest of the field. That's damn fast in my book, WCA race or not.

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