Cross'in up the Camp

Want to know what it feels like to be beaten into pulpy submission, voluntarily, all while riding on two wheels?

Cross riding on singletrack--yeah, I know Paris-Roubaix is pretty knarly, but so is rockin' the skinnies on the fat tire trails.

Super-high-tops-props to all the cross'ers out there who do it on a regular basis. You have more motivation to suffer in unnessary ways than I'll ever have. I'm talking to you Aric Hareland...

Badger Prarie Cross racin' tommorow. 10 bucks on me taking out at least 2 barriers while cross-eyed on LaLonde's (singlespeed) wheel!


Sarah Lukas said...

well good luck for ya today. I went to marquette to do some riding instead...You going to race Sheboygan or you got collegiates?

Ryan Baumann said...

I may or may not be at Sheboygan. Depends on how I feel after taking this week off.

It's been a long season, and Sheboygan is a hard race...but I may pull another Calumet and "just ride" the race!

See you there, good luck--