Superweek / Stupidweek ?

Saturday has finally arrived. Superweek has started, and the blur of racing cross-eyed in 100k crits is about to begin!

I've spent the last week just taking it easy, riding slow, working at good ol' JB Cycle, and watching the Tour. All I have to say is--what an exciting Tour! Quite frankley I'm glad that Ullrich and Basso are out of the race. It would already be over today after the 53K TT in stage 7, and what fun is that? Landis looks strong, as I predicted. Leipheimer is a dud, he wasted himself at the Dauphine. Hincappie will place top 10, but lacks the determination of a champion. Zabriskie will be flying for the final time trial at the end of the Tour.

The Otto Grunski Superweek stage in Menasha is tonight, I can't wait to race again. There are so many things to look forward to right now, I'm really excited to see what happens.

Keep on rockin' in the meantime.

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