Is that a poesur I see?

No, I'm not dead--I think. And I am still racing my bike--that's for sure.

Ahh, Superweek is over! I can't deide if I'm more glad for the suffering to be done, the 100k crits over, the feeling of unbearable pain over, and the relentless attacks to be over: or if I am dissapointed that I don't have the chance to deliver a good ride for the crowd every day! I'm so confused right now, but I don't really mind...it's over for a few weeks, and it's time to recover.

A quick reacap/summary/brief result history/desription of pain of Superweek.

1) Menasha crit -- 33rd
2) Manittowoc crit -- DNF, "flat" tire
3) MGA road race -- 23rd, it was a sprint for 16th place
4) Whitnall Park road race -- 18th, it was a sprint for 7th place
5) Holy Hill road race -- DNF, can you say "strong cross winds"?
6) Howard crit -- 39th, but I did take a $50 preem!
7) Sheboygan crit -- 33rd, finally a field sprint for the win, but that means "swarm!"
8) Downer's Ave crit -- A painful DNF, gaps gaps gaps are hard hard hard to close!
9) Whitefish Bay crit -- 24th, took a $20 preem, finally in the money at a crit

So in celebration of Superweek being over, I've decided to build up a sweet Leader Time Trial bike. I don't know if you've heard of it yet, it's kind of on the down-low since the frame is so fast. It makes a Cervelo P3 look sort of...well....weak, you know? Complete with a I-look-fast 55t FSA chainring and "I stop for nobody" Sora brakes, the bike should be ready to fly at this next weekend's State TT Championships.

Bring it!

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