Cat 2 / I'm a bike racer, perhaps maybe, dirka dirka

After yesterday's rain slaughterfest Cat 3 crit, Fred and I decided to upgade and get some real racing in our legs. Good choice.

Today's WCA race was south of Whitewater on a sweet, smooth, fast 6 mile road race circuit with one major climb each lap. Needless to say, it was a fun course to break away on, and Fred did just that--break away. Casey McCuley, Cole House, and another rider were up the road, and Fred bridged the gap. I hear rumors that only Fred was pulling the break...all the way for 6 laps....to a 1 minute advantage over the field. Unfortunately GDVC and Wheel and Sprocket wern't represented in the break, so things came back together by lap 7.

But wow--Fred is super strong right now. Not only did he stay in the break all day, but he chased down attacks after that. Must be the Danish blood.

The rest of the 11 lap race was pretty good, things went as usual--that is until Jordan and 3 others broke away with 1 lap to go. Everyone missed the move, and Jordan went on to win the race. Back in the pack, Fred gave it everything he had to lead me out for the sprint, but it was a bit too early, and I got swarmed at the line after being out in the wind for 300 m. 17th on the day, Fred was 22nd.

Tour of Ohio, the trip begins tommorow. Let's get it started--in a dirka dirka I'm a bike racer maybe perhaps some day type of way.


Sarah Lukas said...

Congrats on upgrading- and nice crash!

Ryan Baumann said...

Thanks Sarah--get over that nasty Mono, etc soon!