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"At first I was going to be doing the time trial on a unicycle, with one of those rainbow clown hair wigs, just to prove that the Jan could do it, but then I thought, no, it is being the time to get serious. There are being many doubters of the Jan, and they are telling him that he is being too fat, and too old, and that his is having way too many sexes with the hot Italian chicks and that he is simply being too handsome to go fast anymore.
And the Jan is almost believing them."

"I am being on the bicycle 5 hours a day down here. That is being the boring. Don't get the Jan wrong, I am being loving the bicycle as an implement to inflict suffering on the Jan's foes and make them cry with shame and make their blood to cover the ground in great red rivers, but there are being none of the foes in the training, and after yesterday they are telling me that I cannot even be beating the innocent bystanders with the rusty pipe anymore, the very pipe that the Jan is always carrying explicitly for the beating of innocents. The Jan is a wolf surrounded by sheep. Sometimes, I am giving the Klodi a wedgie, because when the Jan rides the bike, someone must suffer."

Clearly the work of Der Jan himself!

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