Crash in Nationals Crit, Fresh 20th

I felt amazing during the crit--it went real well. Fresh and I chilled in the filed, made a few attacks and some moves (with Fresh off the front of the race for two laps before going down in a corner!) Overall it was a great race.

Except for the last lap. 2nd to last corner I'm about 15th wheel, a couple guys in front of me grap their rear brake and skidd it out--and I'm down. Not hurt, but out of the sprint.

Fresh managed to place himself in 20th, with the rest of the team getting shelled by the high pace.

I'm dissapointed--I knew I was going to do well there. I felt great, had a sprint left, and had good positioning on the last lap. With a field of 127 riders, not too bad. Next year, it's all going down.

http://www.velonews.com/race/dom/articles/9872.0.html Dave is freaking amazing!


Anonymous said...

Is everyone calling sparky "the rest of the team" now? that's such a long name.

Ryan Baumann said...

Sparky, Casey, Mary, and Kelli are the rest of the team. It was hard out there for everyone.

Dave got 6th in the omnium points--and he didn't even race the crit!