UW makes a comeback

Wow--UW had a kick-ass second half of the season and now we're sitting quite well in the overall MWCCC standings.....check it out here.

9th overall in the individual A category after 6 races.......let's make that top 5 after regionals.

Bring it!


Waite For It said...

If anything, just beat yezefski in the individual points and I'll be happy. He's only 29 points away. I think you can handle that.

Ryan Baumann said...

It's already in the bag.

Next season, WI goes 1-2-3-4 in conference. No questions about it.

Can't waite for it!

I'm riding Jordan's Trek Equinox for regionals and nationals. Fred is going to ride Nick's Giant Green Machine. We are so made.