Bellin TT

After making the first trip back home all semester, it was time to get back on the bike again--on flat roads in Green Bay, of course.

Rode to the race in Wrightstown, talked some shit with Matt Brandt, Cole, Dillan (get on your bike, Dillan!), Mitch, Dallas, Dave, Jordan, and others. Race time was 11:30 and the legs felt really good warming up.

21Km and 30:30 later, I'm in the hurt box but satisfied with my performance. Considering that I didn't have any aero stuff except for my clip-on loops, my 26 mph average on a rolling course wasn't bad at all. Cronometro had a SUPER strong showing, with Dallas in 3rd, Erik in 5th, and me taking the win in the Cat 4's. Strangely enough, our Cat 4 winning times were faster than all the 3's, Master 1/2/3's, and was top 3 in the pro 1/2 category. Strange how USCF categories work--and hopefully shows USCF that they need to count collegiate races toward category upgrades.

The IS Corps team and I rode back to Green Bay, where I stopped over at Stadium Bike and picked up the new team kits! That's right, the third team kit of the year is now in my position. I love riding for 3 different teams, I get such great clothing choices.

New helmets for the team for Nationals--White Bell Sweeps. Check it--

After that, my Dad and I did some father-son bonding and hit the trails at the Camp for 2 laps before dark. Glad to say that the XTC is still fast as hell, and the rider ain't feeling too bad either. It was good to be back on the mtb. Need to be ready for the Rock Cut Enduro 60Km race coming up on April 30th now.

Tommorow I'll get one more hard 4 hour ride in before recovering next week. I'm sure Cole, Dallas, and Mike will push the pace a bit and make it hurt all the way. That's the way it should be.


Cribb said...

I sure wish I was in Green Bay! I am counting down the days till I get back up there. Good job at the TT!

Ryan Baumann said...

But its soooo flat here!

I miss NC and Tucson and the mountains. Racing here is fun not for the course, but for the competition!

You should have seen it...Jeff and Matt stayed till 3am at the shop setting up Doug M's new Ellsworth frame for him! That's crazy stuff. Much to look forward to this summer.

Sarah Lukas said...

hey ryan- here were a couple of pictures for the fans. Compliments of Cole of course.