So-Pro TT

An update on this weekend's racing....

It's decided that I am for sure riding with the Hatch brothers in the TTT. I am going to give er' hell and try to hang on to those two monsters, no excuses!

Since I'm riding with the Hatch's, who have full TT bikes and disk wheels, skinsuits, and aero helmets, I get to use the UW Zipp 909 disk wheel. Sweet...I can hear the swoosh swoosh of the wheel pushing all the watts out behind me already.

Matt Holleco has generously donated his Louis Garneau TT helmet, which I'll probably use too. Keep saying it in your head Ryan--it looks cool, it's fast, its....a gigantic cone-shaped piece of styrophoam strapped to your head. Hope it works!

This week I've put in some longish rides with some hardish intervals, and with the proper recover spin Friday, I should be flying for the ITT Saturday. My goal is to place in the top 10. Hey, with a disk wheel, loops, and an aero helmet there's no excuses, right?

32 bikes on 5 vehicles...that's UW Cycling at it's finest. Check out UW Madison's standings in the MWCCC confrence--5th place! On track for nationals already. With a strong showing this weekend we will have the spot in the bag. Time to get rockin'.

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