A wealth of new information has befallen me in the past two days--here's a snipnet of what's going on:
  1. The Cronometro team is going strong, preparing for the biggest race yet at Wheels on Willy on May 21st. The verdict is out that the Pro/1/2 purse will be $4000 with even more in preems...the biggest purse BY FAR for any WCA event. Watch out for this race, it's going to be crazy and stock-full of midwest talent.
  2. I'm the offical "corner-gaurd" organizer for the Wheels on Willy race. I get to make sure that everyone ELSE is gaurding the corners on race day, so that I can still go ahead and race WORS Alpine Valley. But at the same time, I'm considering racing WOW....lots of cash oppertunities!
  3. The next MWCCC event at Purdue is going to be a TTT, ITT, and crit. I've never done a TTT or ITT before so things are going to get a bit interesting. I'm anxious because my TTT team consists of myself and the Hatch brothers--2 super stong cat 2 TT specialists. If I can keep up and set their pace (but not pull as long), then I know we can win the race. A win would solidify our spot at nationals--so its really important! I'm getting some clip-on aerobars, a disk wheel, and an aero helmet donated to me for the event. I hope I have the legs to be fast enough to deserve that equipment...
  4. I'm still going to school in the middle of this somehow. Test tommorow...what's it on again?
  5. My season goals are kind of changing again. My plan now is to focus mainly on road events for the first peak in my season, around Memorial Day weekend, and then use Superweek and Ore to Shore as my second build for Chequmeagon and WORS Sheboygan.

Pictures have been plentiful on race weekends, I just haven't been able to get them on my computer yet. Text is so boring.

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