Race Fever

A much-deserved win in Stage 2 of the TOC for George Hincapie

The wonderful world of the UW Cycling email listserv....
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I'm starting the Tour of California tomorrow with a 3km (1.9m)
> prolouge TT.
> Highlights:
> -Seeing the top ProTour riders. Micheal Rogers (THE Micheal
Rogers) came over in his
TMobile jumpsuit
this morning for breakfast and chatted with us.
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You spelled my name wrong. Show some respect for the 3x world champ! Now, off to do some EPO. HAHAHA (evil laugh)!
Michael Rogers
All these damn college students just have too much to say....
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Hi - Don't laugh, but does anyone know a good place in Madison to get a massage?
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Ummm yaaaaeeehhhhh,
Bring the Courvoisier and hot oils to my place at about 6:30 tonite.
It will be most very sen-tu-al.

The Ladies Man
Enough said.
This weekend is the FIRST RACE IN DEPAUW. It's hard to believe that the season is already here--every weekend after this will be a race weekend all the up until WORS and beyond! So much good stuff is to come...
...and in preparation of the good stuff to come, I put in a great workout today. Yes, there was salt on the ground. Yes, there was snow on many roads. Yes, I rode the Fuji road bike. And yes, I did 65 min of LT work and 30 min of muscle tesnion work during a 5 hour ride.
Bring on the season, boys!


Matt said...

Ryan, everybody nows your going to win the first race of the season!

Sarah Lukas said...

hey great luck to ya with the season! and be safe out there-