Depauw, IN

Race weekend is here! Today's agenda:

  1. Set up trainer in dorm basement
  2. Go to class for a bit
  3. Ride the trainer for 1.5 hours of solid recovery
  4. Figure out what's wrong with the PT--I can now put out 450 watts like its nothing!
  5. Lunch
  6. Get some final items packed for trip. I'm chowin' on some Kashi instant oatmeal throughout the trip--delicous, whole grain, instant goodness. Mmmmm, oatmeal!
  7. Run to statics class for 20 min, leave early.
  8. Walk to the Union with all my gear and the Fuji road bike
  9. Drive 7 hours to Depauw

The rest is in the books--a full race report and pictures to come on late Sunday night or Monday afternoon sometime. Enjoy the sub-freezing temps here in WI--its going to be 55 and sunny in Depauw!

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