Wet wet wet wet wet wet wet wet wet wet wet wet wet.....and more wet.

4 hours of sheer joy this morning, thanks to a friendly donation of a Louis Garneau rain poncho this morning from Freshman Steve. I need to get myself one of these babies:

Simple, cheap, and keeps you dry no matter what the weather.

I have offically learned my lesson--nothing in the way of mother nature seems to daunt the UW Madison team from riding long hours each weekend. Not snow, not cold, not wind, not rain, not slush, not impending storms, not the end of the world as we know it--the ride leaves from the arb bridge between 9 and 11 am Saturday and Sudnay. That's the kind of dedication I'm talking about!

Who else works 75 hours during the week (and weekend!), but still takes the time to ride 4-5 hours each morning with the UW team? Dave Stabb, who else but another UW graduate?

Crazy college guys will do ANYTHING for entertainment it seems. No matter what the weather. Or the audience.

EBAY AUCTIONS END SUNDAY 7:45 pm! Don't forget!

I also have a Polar s520 heart reat monitor with wireless speed, cadence, heart rate--plus it downloads to your computer and graphs your data, keeps track of your fitness, and helps you plan your training season. It's very easy to use, and it's yours for $150. Let me know if you're intersted-- rsbaumann@wisc.edu.

Tommorow--I may actually spend the first day of the week riding the trainer. I can't take the beating of even colder, wetter weather predicted tommorow too! 3 hours on the trainer should do the job, all the same.

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