Global Warming--Thank's Matt

Thanks to Senor Matt Bergeron, the world in the northern hemisphere has finally become a paradise.

With 50 degree temperatures, clear skies, and little wind, I wanted to skip class today and just have a nice, long chat with the open road.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way when you have group presentations to complete. So I patiently waited the day out, until finally, at 2:45 pm, I managed to sneak out of the Arb into a blissful cycling paradise.

Not being able to complain about the weather definatly did not hamper the ride quality at all. My legs were warm enough to complete 3x10min Muscle Tension intervals, and for the first time in months my toes did not freeze until they are numb. Except for in AZ, that is. My toes were fine there.

Great news on the apartment front--I'm now going to offically be locked into a 12 month apartment contract starting this Monday. That's right, I'm ofically a renter. I wish I had the camera to show ya'll the place, but alas, you'll survive with just pictures of the ride today. I will say that although hardly extravagent, my accomodations next school year will be convienent, medium-sized, and 1 block from the Engineering Campus. I'm not complaining!

Tommorow, RAIN! What's up here, the weather was so nice, why not on the weekend? Oh well, the plan is to get out earlier in the morning, around 9am, for a 3 hour base miles spin. If I get wet, I get wet. Right?

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