Rock n' roll

It was a good Monday.

The S-man Hauser got hooked us up with a photo at the Polar Bear ride New Years Day:

Guess which freak I am!

Some strange soul named Norman called me today at JB Cycle asking about the Specialized Epic for 2006. After telling him all of the usual sales pitch stuff, he decided to come in and--get this--DEMO AN EPIC BIKE in the middle of JANUARY! I hope he cleans it before brining it back...

I had 3 guys come in and check out the Epic today other than Norman. If that's a sign of things to come this Spring, Jeff is in for a much needed $$$ treat at JB. There's not much money to be earned selling lots of $300 bikes.

Question of the Day:

Why is January 2nd a holiday for everyone this year? It's not New Years Day, it's not New Years Eve--is it a "I've got a hangover" day? If FedEX were actually running today I'd have my new PT SL wheelset by now...grrrr....

Now THAT'S the type of riding I'm talking about. The Computrainer riding with this in the "virtual reality" background just isn't cutting it some days!

This evening I satisfyied my need to ride at the Stadium Bike Computrainer Studio, choosing an easier course than before. No more than 6% uphill grades today. I rode with my Dad one more time, forcing him to do some leg speed drills to help smooth out that pedaling stroke. I was pretty satisfyied with my pedaling at high speed, 120-130 cadence for 5min was no problem. I guess that means I have to move on to harder stuff now (sigh).

Pretty soon I'll be churing those pedals like good ol' Magnus Backstead on the Track:

Keep turning those pedals, boys, and pretty soon you'll put out the same as Big Maggie's 2100 watt sprint!

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