Powerful Legs

My legs are offically efficent. My average SpinScan reading on the Computrainer today was over 70. Ideal. All those 1-foot intervals and muscle tension intervals are begining to pay off!

After taking a quick stop at the bank, I got in 2 hours of riding in on the Computrainer, including 40 min total of tempo/threshold, aka "sweet spot" training time. Sweet.

I rode the WI Ironman course which runs through my stomping grounds in Madison. Wow, what a workout that was--the friggin' hills are never consistent, its either up or down all the time! Sometimes that trainer simulates real courses all too well.

At least this guy looked like he was feelin' good (at the begining) of the bike leg last year:
Keep the ridin' comming, it's sweet and sugary no matter what the flavor!

Cribb hooked me up with this sweet Fisher 29'er hardtail for crusin in Tucson, check it out:
mmmm...looks juicy! Keep those ears open, I've got lots more to say--after I take a brief nap. Tommorow brings some easy spinning endurance riding on the--yes, it's here--new Powertap SL wheelset. Pictures to come tommorw. Cross my fingers hope to die!


Jordan Peterson said...

Don't do so many muscular endurance workouts this early in the year or you'll get burnt out man. Great job though for sure!

Ryan Baumann said...

Just one per week Jordan. Just one per week!

Anonymous said...

Jordan, I think Ryan is trying get in shape for Tucson, so he can beat up on that Greg cribb guy. So, is that what your trying to do Ryan?

Ryan Baumann said...

I wonder who the "anonymous" prick is...I'll bet he thinks he's soooooo smart!

Randy B said...

Ryan don't forget two important things in training
1) rest
2) recovery
You'll be burnt out before the Fourth of July at this rate!!!