Ohhhh boy, what a day! Green Bay citizens just haven't let up ever since I came back--they must love me sooo much...

After spending a scintilating 8hrs at JB Cycle today, I realized a couple of things:
  1. The Bike industry biz is tough on it's dealers and retailers
  2. You can't tell a hippie what to do, how to do it, or even to consider doing it
  3. Boredom results in lots of lost productivity (if you're an employer)
  4. The sherrif's departments in certain small towns need more things to do in their day
  5. Inventory is a bitch, especially without a computerized system
  6. Old guys know a lot more than their willing to waste time talking about
  7. It really must suck to have a Hernia
  8. Hyperactive kids under the age of 18 love to BMX ride all year long
  9. A BMX bike can be your sole source of transportation at 20 yrs old if you smoke too much dope
  10. Thinking is good, but doing is MUCH better (ahem!--going to Tucson, thank you very much!)

I spun out the legs for 30 min and did 20min of core muscle work on the stability ball this morning. I am strong, like bull!

And then--finally--my WHEELS from odds and endos arrived today! They are an absolutely sweet build at an absolutely unbeatable price...but you'll have to call Mike Garcia himself at odds and endos to find out yourself. My build ended up being:

  • Speedcific black 30mm aero rims, 450g
  • 24 silver Wheelsmith DB bladed spokes up front
  • 28 silver Wheelsmith DB bladed spokes in the rear
  • Speedcific Perception front sealed bearing hub
  • Powertap SL rear hub
  • Alternating Silver-Red alloy nipples on the front
  • Alternating Silver brass nipples-Red alloy nipples on the rear

Check it out...they are LIGHTER than my old wheelset, even with the Powertap. Take that, all of you who don't use power cause you think it's heavy. Think again!

Tommorow I'm off. Things to do:

  1. Take Mom to Doctor in the
  2. Visit the Dentist for a fun! cleaning
  3. Pack clothes and equipment for Tucson vacation!
  4. Ride at Stadium Computrainer in endurance power zone for 2 hours begining at noon
  5. Snag some lunch, pack some more
  6. Head back to Stadium for another session on the Computrainer around 6pm with the Stadium team
  7. Call up some friends for one last night of fun in Green Bay before school...

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