Recover. Pack. Again.

Ahhhh...after an extended 4.5 week vacation from first semester, the reality has finaly returned. Back to school this evening!

I'm ready this time. Actually, I may even be looking forward to it. Daily rides with the UW and Brazen team. Lots of road trips to races in a jam-packed full size van. Unique stories to tell. Interesting material to be learned in Calc, Engineering, Physics, and Materials Science.

Here goes nothing...

This week is--guess what--a recovery week. No hard riding. No long riding. Just good ol' spinning on the trainer easy several days, a bunch of stretching, good eating, and relaxing. Today I just let the legs spin themselves out on the trainer for 80 min, then I did a few core muscle exercises. Using the Power Tap (PT), it's really easy to make sure that my "recovery" rides stay in my recovery zone. And we all know what that means: good recovery = better adaptation = faster riding.

Bring on the semester!

You know what happens when I open some of this up!

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