College Rant

I've got a big fat bill sitting on my desk right now. It has a very large sum of money written on it. It's due February 3rd. And it's not the first or last time I'll be paying it.

Although I'll never quite get over the cost of college, I will admit that for all the hard-earned money that I have to spend on my schooling, my Calc professor really needs to learn how to teach effectively. I didn't pay to learn about your reasearch--I paid to lean Calculus (although that is quite unfortunate in it's own terms).
My roomate has not yet returned from home yet. I wonder if he'll show up soon? I'm still using his TV--it works quite nicely. If he doesn't come back, do you think I could keep his stuff?
The good news is that my class schedule allows for lots of quality training time--so I guess college does serve some puropse. No need to have a "real" job, I just need to train smart with all the free time I'll have this semester.
Speaking of which, since it was cloudy and 28 degrees before windchill outside today (in stark contrast to the 75 degrees and sunny every day in AZ), I hit up the trainer for a recovery spin. Remember, this entire week is recovery--and thanks to my PT--it's quite easy. Spin one hour at an active recovery pace (for me, 200 watts or under).
I've been taking a good look at all the popular victory salutes of sprinters, climbers, and road racers alike. Let's vote on the best one, and I'll use it for my wins in 06--

The Robbie McEwen "it's all me, baby" salute

Tom Boonen's "Oh my God, I did it again!"

Alesandro Petacchi's "It's all in a day's work."

Big man Petacchi's "I wasn't even trying!"

Daniel Di Luca's "You can try, but you just can't hide."

The Boss's "Is that all you got?"


Jordan Peterson said...

I like the Armstrong's because then you can flex your muscles and show off!

Burrito Eater said...

I like the Todd Wells get off after the finish line and hoist the bike! It's about the bike you know and is more appropriate than the roadie salutes!!!

Waite For It said...

You'll have to try and beat me first after all my training and racing in Italy...hehe...but I enjoy the I wasn't even try look...makes you're opponents hurt even more...