Umm, yeah...about that "Sponsorship" thing...

Whoo ho! Big news on the Sponsorship front for Team 2...*ahem*, I meant to say, Team Stadium Bike. That's right--Shawn Hauser just inked the deal with Randy at Stadium Bike in Green Bay. Among many other great benefits, Randy has just put a Computrainer Studio in the back of his shop for ANYONE to use! There are four Computrainers that give you tons of riding information, including wattage, heart rate, speed, distance, and cadence--and it even gives you a "virtual" image of riding the bike! I will be running straight over to Stadium on the 17th when I come home after the semester ends to check it out--you should too. The prices are reasonable and the benefits are numerous--my first ride will be a 40k TT to determine my threshold power output. Batta-bing!

Wtih this deal now ready to go for 2006, I just may have to take advantage of a new Gary Fischer Rig (signglespeed 29'er, but of course) since Stadium Bike is a Trek Concept store dealer. Or maybe I'll just pick up the Trek CX bike...

I am quite pumped about this new deal, it should be a great team to ride for. Now I just need to get some sponsor logos on my blog site!

Want a good laugh? The Fat Cyclist's sattire always makes me chuckle. Check this out.

This afternoon I'm off to the Nat to get my swim on, then it'll be off to the SURF for a spin class with the UW team. Gotta get those miles in, even when the snow's on the ground.

Shhhhh.....But maybe not this weekend. Warmer temps are predicted, so a ride might be possilbe....but keep it on the down-low, we don't want Mother-nature to find out.

I need some XC skis. The snow here in Mad Town is perfect. How bout' these Rossi's:

Also on the list to-get is the Powertap SL. I hope to EP it from JB Cycle (but of course) and lace it up to a DT Swiss rim 28 hole, with Sapim CX-ray spokes 2x. Makes for a perfect training and racing wheel, right?

Another page that I need to bookmark: Power Training. Read up!


Jordan Peterson said...

You don't have to get that good of stuff for your first pair of XC skis. Look into the cheaper Salomon skis and boots. You won't be dissapointed.

Ryan Baumann said...

Nah', I already have tons of classical ski gear at home, but I need to get set up with the skate stuff.
I'm probably going to stop by good ol' In Competition sports and try to talk Mark into giving me a deal on a good skate setup. Then its off to the camp for some old fashioned snowy fun.