Polar Bear Ride

Get ready to freeze!

S. Hauser thought it would be a great idea to do a "team morale building" exercise like like Ivan Baso and Bobby Julich at Team CSC's training camp. At least we don't have to dress up like this:
Is it team building, or is it paintball, Mr. Julich?

I'd rather play painball, but I don't mind riding while playing either. I like to shake things up a bit. The ride is at 9am, meet at Henisra park on the mtb, cross, or (gasp!) the road bike. This evening GB turned into a wintry mess, so I believe the road bike is out of the picture. Unless I want to get covered in slop again like Tuesday! I spent more time cleaning the bike than riding it...

See you all there!

If anyone wants to join me and my insane training, I'll be out on the mtb around 7:45am getting "warmed up" for the polar bear ride. I'll be burning some more fat, trying to get my sorry ass endurance built up before heading off to Tucson w/ G-Cribb next weekend.

Let's start the countdown! 8 days from today I'll be in warm, sunny, dry, beautiful Tucson, AZ...

Check out this sweet site, lottttsssss of really cool pics and stories about mtb riding...


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