Base Miles, Blasting music, Mud, Salt, and the glory of it all

My lack of updating skills is becoming quite emabarasing as of late--it's time to set things straight!

After heading back home Monday morning from Chicago, the Base regimin began--one three hour jaunt on the road bike out northwest of GB. I threw in some Muscle Tension intervals, 2x15 min, just to shake things up a bit and make the legs feel the burn. Near the end of my ride, I tried to up my cadence to around 110, but after mashing at 50 during the MT intervals, my spinning muscles were toast. I practically coasted back home at a surly 75 rpm's.

Tuesday, thinking that the roads would still be dry and in good condition as they were Monday, I headed out at 10am for another "planned" 3-4 hour jaunt east of GB. Lo and behold, the nature gods were not on my side! The moisture in the air condensed on the road and made it a muddy, salty mess. My beautiful Fuji looked like it had just survived a 2 hr cross race. Ahhh, then I got a flat! Things wern't going so hot, so I turned around and headed home for only a 2.5 hr ride instead of what was planned.

No big deal. Wednesday off, worked all day 10-6. Not much going on, but Jason Koziki stopped in to tune up his new S-Works Epic he got off Ebay. Too expenside to get through JB Cycle, I guess....that's the reality of it, unfotunately, in this biz.

This morning I got my "sweet-spot" training on the trainer, at about 90% of my threshold power. Sweet. After some 1-foot drills and core exercicises, it's off to work.

Gotta go, more to come tonight. Never fear, the updates will never stop comming!


Jordan Peterson said...

What core excercises do you do? Yoga, weights what!? Hahahaha

Ryan Baumann said...

Ya know, I use that big ball. The stability ball.

Yoga sounds cool. I wish I could do that stuff. I'm sure it would help my mental training by clearing my mind before a workout.