Henisra, the Y, and Family times

I came home to GB this weekend with D-Fowler. Not for any particular reason. My roomate was having some buds over, as ususal, and I wanted to give him some space. So here I am.

Not that I'm complaining too much. Yesterday I got went to the bank and took out a heft sum of cash to give to Matt from the shop. Unfortunatly, Matt wasn't at JB Cycle, so Jeff's holding onto it for a while! The shop is doing good even in the cold, harsh winter we're having. So I guess I'll still have a job left after the semester ends, right?

Yesterday I jumped on the XTC for a spin through Henisra Park. It turns out that there were more sledders and hikers than there were riders.--who would've guessed! It was a fairly technical ride due to the snow conditions and the trail being ripped up by the footprints of little kid's boots and sleds. I had to put er' in a lowish gear and grind up pretty much every climb--which, at Henisra, there are an endless number of--while dodging lumps of frozen dirt and branhes under the thin layer of snow on the trail. All in all, it was a good 1hr 20min of short powerful efforts, followed by spinning on the open trail, trying to stay upright in the corners.

It's cold. J-Vog ditched out on me for riding today, and so did Roland--but with a good exuse, I may add! Luckily, I can alwways count on my Dad to want to get active: We're going to the YMCA to bash some balls around...*ahem!*, I mean play racquet ball.

I will win. It's always embarrasing to loose to your parents. I don't intend to start now!

Back to Mad Town tonight with D-Fowler. Life has been so dynamic lately, hasn't it?

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