Freezin' for a reason

The ride:
  1. Temperature= 20 degrees
  2. Windchill= 11 degrees
  3. Bike ridden: 1994 Giant Rincon rigid MTB commuter
  4. Average speed: SLOW!
  5. Number of flats that took way too long to fix: ONE courtesy of Matt Holecko
  6. Internal temperature of fingers after ride: -15 degrees
  7. Pain intensity of blood returing to fingers after ride: 8/10

I thought it was supposed to be good weather today...does that mean that snow, slush, high winds, clouds, and below freezing temps are good weather? I guess so!

Luckily, I had two suckers join me for the two hour jaunt in the general direction of Paoli today, Scott and Matt. Mounted on my trusty Giant Rincon mtb commuter, I was set to go! It makes those days when you are riding in 70 degree weather in shorts and a jersey that much more appreciated.

Tommorow brings more riding fun--but indoors this time at Matt H's house. I know I promised not to ride the trainer until Base started...but I REALLY don't want to ride outside in that wet, slushy, snowy mess on the commuter bike again. Especially if we have to fix a flat tire...

Don't mess with the UCI...

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