Ready to Peak

This is it--now is the time to be at my best! No more excuses, no more putting it off, just time to kick some ass!

I'm ready for Iceman. I've been riding hard for weeks on end, and I've had a really good structured peak preparation time. So other than "it was a new bike!" or "I had a mechanical", there should be no excuses for my preformance this Saturday!

My car right now is parked in lot 58 next to my Dorm for--guess how much for 3 days--$25! Unbelievable how much money the city makes off of parking.

I'm on my way out for a short ride with Brent right now. With Daylinght Savings, there is almost no light to ride with. Have to take advantage of what we got left.....


Sarah Lukas said...

Well- I must say your blog is quite awesome. It's nice reading about you back out there riding. And by the way, I love your Giant! It's amazing! Good luck at Iceman and kick some ass. - Sarah Lukas

Ryan Baumann said...

Thanks Sarah--the luck wish did the trick!