The highs and lows of life

It's here.

I built it Friday night--pulled an all nighter to get her completely done.

She's beautiful. Have a look.

I couldn't be happier with the bike--it accelerates better than my road bike and dampens vibrations like the best of em'. It's faster than hell, and I feel perfectly at home on it already today. That's right, the first ride, I didn't make any adjustments. Sweet....

After getting the bike built it was early Saturday morning, so I quick got home and took a short nap. By short I mean 6 hours, since I had to get up and ride with Roland at the Camp at 9:00am. And what a beautiful ride it was! The bike sticks to the ground, and I stick to it. I can see that there will be a very good relationship between this bike and I....

I know I need to cut the disc brake cables down "a bit" yet, but its on my to-do list. Total weight comes in at **19.8lbs** with pedals and a bottle cage. WwwwooooowwwwW!

Aftter I finally got back from the Camp, I had to quick pack up my things and head back down to Merrimac for the WORS banquet. Although I didn't win any cool schwag, and the Comp overall leaders didn't get any schwag, I had a great time shootin' the breeze with all the WORS racers this year. Some of the highlights:

Unfortunately I'm the 3rd one down the podium with his bare belly showing...

Team 2 / GMAC dominated this year with 2nd in the points and 1st in the participation competitions. Props to JBL MTB cycle for donating the GIGANTIC trophies. GMAC all the way!

So the banquest was great, yada yada yada. D-Fowler convinced me to go back to Mad Town tonight, the Saturday of Halloween, at 11:30 at night. Haha, what a great idea.

So I'm stuck in traffic only 2 miles from my dorm for an hour and a half. Meanwhile, I'm being ambushed on all sides by crazed drunken idots dressed up as sluts, witches, broccoli, the Kool-Aid man, and pirates while monster cars are drag racing down the road and crahing every 12th second. I hate Mad Town. I love the riding, and every once and a while some people, but the town is a hellhole of liberalistic schmuck. Yes, I said it--liberialistic schmuck.

Wonderful, I can't wait to live here for 4 more years!

It'll all get better, ya know, but it's tough to get over in the short run.

I'm taking a ride tommorow. Longish and easy to remind myself of why I go to school here.

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