Midterm shock

Not bad. I just survived my Chem exam this evening...and pulled off an AB grade, not bad! Now I just need to do a little repeat action of that tommorow on my Calc exam. Then its off to hit the books again--I've got a Spanish essay that I've got to finish for Wednesday morning.

Then, you guessed it, I'm done! Turkey day weekend should be fun. We're staying in Green Bay with the fam for a little "R & R", ya know? It's always good to see your family again, no matter how much there is to do in Mad Town.

I hope to get some good riding in over break, starting with a Thanksgiving Day morning mtb ride with Roland and J. Vogules...somewhere! I'd like to go to the Michicani ski trails since the Camp is closed, but I'll take whatever I can get. I need my LSD fix....that's "Long steady distance" for those of you not in the "training talk" lingo. If nothing else I'll mount up some good ol' fat, knobby tires on the XTC and go for a spin through Green Bay, fully taking advantage of all the gravel roads and park paths I can. There's always the Mountain Bay trail--but I might as well ride on the trainer then, I guess!

Time to sleep--I've been pretty wiped today and I figure I can cram some more Calc in tommorow morning before the 9:30 exam. Only 2 and a half more weeks of class.....!

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