Food, family, and riding out the storm

Now that I'm done with the fabled "midterm" syndrome, it's time to relax and enjoy some good food. And to ride in the 15 degree, 40mph wind weather just like its warm outside.
Yes, it's true that my Dad, Tom, and I braved the sub-zero like conditions and rode in Henisra park for about an hour and fifteen minutes today. And it's true that my toes, although covered by three layers of windproof, wool insulation, still froze to the bone in one hour. My water bottle decided to do the same thing even with boliling hot water in it--boiling water at the begining of the ride that is.
I fully appreciate the warm, chocolaty goodness that I'm sipping right now--which when combined with mini chunks of condensed white sugar in a mug, is the perfect cure for the post-ride blues. It's always better while your riding. The cold never hurts until you stop!
Anyways, I've been talking to Shawn Hauser about the mtb team some more. He and I both agree that we need to see if the Stadium Bike deal is an option. I am definatly in favor of joining up with Stadium since the owner, Randy, is a good guy. He's raced for quite a few years and he knows how to take care of a team. It would be great to get good deals from his shop, and to actually have a BIKE SHOP as our major sponsor. That means communication with who's giving us money to ride.
More to come about the mtb team soon.
I'm stopping by JB Cycle tommorow to pack my Epic frame in a box and say "bye bye"! Ebay has been good to me, I now have enough money in the bank to finance next years racing...and maybe even enough spare for a cross bike...?

I NEED TO RIDE! I plan on doing some road/gravel/trail miles on the mountain bike in the next three days, who wants to join me? If it warms up enough to ride on the road, I'll just head up north towards Oconto for some base miles. If not, I'll take advantage of the shelter on the Mountain Bay Trail, a gravel railroad trail which heads west towards Wausau. Although I probably won't go the whole 90 miles to Wausau, I do plan on doing a good 50 mile round trip to Shanow and back. WHO WANTS TO JOIN?

In the meantime, the turkey just came out of the oven--it's time to enjoy the family and food. I know what I'm thankful for this year. I'm still riding after breaking my neck. How about you?


Sarah Lukas said...

cross definitely turned out nice for you. good job-

Ryan Baumann said...

yeah, I had a blast! I'm definatly planning on racing some more next year if I actually have time in between mtb and road. What a life--yet I can't imagine doing anyhting else.