Time to TRAIN!

So, I'm having some minor difficulties posting my 06 training schedule on Excel, so for now, you'll just have to know the basics:

Annual Training hours: 650
Base 1 Begins: December 25
Races to Peak for:
WORS Wausau
WORS Kewaunee
WORS Kewaskum
Chequmeagon 40
WORS Rome Around
Iceman Commeth

Not too bad, eh? That schedule constitutes about 2 major peaks, and one minor one (Iceman), so its definatly doable. Don't worry, I'm doing plenty of other races--they just aren't A priority this year.

I feel so organized after spending 8 hours planning my training schedule. I have a great idea of all the workouts I need to do each week in order to peak at the right times. I hope I manage to stay on track next year, instead of training nonstop and burning out. This schedule can't hurt!

Check out my Epic frameset if you're interested...I'm sorry to see it go! http://weightweenies.starbike.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=9396


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Ryan Baumann said...


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Good Luck,