A delima at hand

I have a couple things I need to make happen here soon (none of which have much to do with school, of course):

1) Get a ride back to Green Bay on a Friday/Saturday within the next 2 weeks. I'd prefer to go home again Halloween weekend, because its quite crazy here in Mad Town at that time.
2) Assemble my new XTC composite at JB Cycle
3) Swap out all the parts from my Allez frame and put them on my new Tarmac frame
4) Sell my Epic and Allez on mtbr.com or on Ebay (on the cheap!)
5) Convince D-Fowler that I can sleep in his car if he decides to stay overnight @ the WORS banquet
6) Get a ride EARLY on Friday or on Thrusday afternoon the first weekend in Novemember to get to the ICEMAN on time. ***This is going to be difficult***
7) Get a ride back to Mad Town after the Iceman with D-Fowler.

Ouch. I have some begging to do and some $$$ to spend on gas and bribing fees. It's pretty tough to need to get to all of these races at this time of year, especially when I don't have a CAR in Madison (not to mention no place to park it...). Maybe I'll put up one of those classified ads on the buletin boards asking for a ride home!

If worst comes to worst, I'll try to get my sweet Taurus Sedan down to Mad Town in the next 2 weeks and park it at Matt Waite's house. Then I'll just skip my Spanish class on Friday (yet again) the weekend of the Iceman. Then I can drive home Thursday and have plenty of time to get a ride with Shawn Hauser to Iceman.

All this hard work, just to freeze my ass off in Michigan for 2 hours....

I love it.

I love it so much I got in a couple long rides the past few days. Today was the beginging of crash training for Iceman--a 3.5 hour ride through the hills west of Madison. Mon + Tues + Wed are intervals, Thursday some more hilly endurance, Fri + Sat + Sun more intervals, Mon endurance, and 2 final interval days Tues + Wed. Then REST for 5 days straight (that is, active recovery) and then do some final touches for the week leading up to Iceman. Ready to ride, baby, yeah!!!

I have some Calc to do, probably should start it now.

Remember to floss your teeth (your gums bleed if you don't...)


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