Riding with the boss

First the meet and greet.
Then putting the hammer down on Spring Mountain Road.

1) Lance is fast. Very fast.
2) Levi is going to win Tour of California.
3) I'm the geek on the team - It's only taken 1 week of training for the team to figure that out.

We rode Kings Ridge today northwest of Santa Rosa. Probably the most amazing ride I have ever done on a road bike. Legs are tired today after hammering with Lance yesterday and 6 hours today. But still lovin' every minute of it.



Andy said...

That is incredible man! So I must ask, how personal was riding with Lance? Was he off with his own little posse, or did you guys all work together? Glad to hear all is well.

Ben LaForce said...

Very Cool!!

Hauser said...

Rock on Ryan, you the man! Did he ask how I was doing? :)

Ryan Baumann said...

Lance was cool with the team...very easy to talk to. Yes he rides amazingly hard. But great guy to have a conversation with.

Anonymous said...

Finally some pictures! Where did you get them? We are all so proud of you!

shawn said...

Nice shoe covers

jvog said...

Are you sure you dont wanna come back and ride with us in below freezing weather?

Awesome stuff dude! Keep up the good work!!

mtb_ski said...

You earned this, very cool.