This guy is a genius

If you have any bike fitting issues that you just cannot seem to solve....this is the guy to go to. Bill Peterson, a podiatrist that runs the Foot Fitness store in Tucson here, is an absolute fitting genius. In 5 minutes of looking at my feet he described to me all the issues I've had with my bike fit the past several years. And 1 hour later, I was pedaling more symmetrically and smoothly on the bike than I've ever been before - even without the custom orthodics he's making for me this week. It turns out I was pretty messed up on the bike, but now, I look like a bike racer. And feel like one too.

Seriously, give this guy a call and set up an appointment if you are in town. It is well worth your time and effort.

His website is www.wedofeet.com


Anonymous said...

Is he still a genius? have you been back in for a refit?

Ryan Baumann said...

Yes, everything is top notch. Highly recommended.