After all the shenanigans this off season, the dust has settled and all the team rosters from the USA have been announced. Now considering the state of the economy and all that jazz, I consider myself and friends to be extremely lucky--this is a terrible year for a lot of bike racers.

Trek Livestrong has a solid U23 roster for next year including lots of track champions and olympic medalists. Guy East won a U23 6-Day race just last month, we all know Taylor Phinney went to Bejing for the individual pursuit, and the two Kiwis were part of the bronze medal team pursit squad at Bejing. The final roster:

Trek LIVESTRONG U23 Team (D.S. Axel Merckx)

Ryan Baumann (USA)
Sam Bewley (USA)
Benjamin Bradshaw (USA)
Cody Campbell (CAN)
Guy East (USA)
Ben King (USA)
Ryohei Komori (JPN)
Taylor Kuphaldt (USA)
Taylor Phinney (USA)
Bjorn Selander (USA)
Jesse Sargent (NZL)

The first team camp is on January 8th in Austin, Texas at the "Mellow Johnny's" bike shop. The team will meet for the first time, break the ice, get some gear, do some rides, and prepare for the season.

In the menatime I try to ignore my excitement and focus on real life...riding the rollers and knocking off finals one by one. Real life is absurdly boring.

Also check out the Two John's Podcast. Good times to be had there each week--and great entertainment for the soon-to-occur road trip to Tucson, Arizona at the end of the month.

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Seth said...

Hey man, just checkin' in. Really happy for you and the step up. Congratulations! And to think it was hardly two years ago when we were Whitnall Parkin' it in the 4s?! Progress kicks ass! Keep it real, dude.