And I'm Out

Working hard, riding the trainer, hitting the skis a bit when the weather agrees (read: does not snow too much) the past two weeks. Enjoyed Christmas with the family another year and we are thankful for it.

Tonight involves packing up everything I own and making the grand old trip down to Tucson with fellow Green Bay native Cole House. Straight through to Tucson, AZ is about 29 hours....how fast can we make it?

Oh yeah, the Ipod Touch.....great invention. I will be blogging and enjoying life that much more now.

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marne said...

I just drove from Milwaukee to Carefree, AZ in under 2 days. Oh, and stay away from a place in Clinton, TX called "clinton hotel and suites"... disgusting, scary place... if the dog weren't with I wouldn't have trusted the lock to sleep inside alone.

But I'm curious what your time was to make it there since I thought 25 hours was good..

Ryan Baumann said...

We did Green Bay - Tucson in 28 hours driving, 31 hours total. Highly depends on the route you take across the country.