Good sensations!

Okay, to sum up the past few weeks--The Keough's are great hosts and I can never thank them enough for putting up with me for two weeks, Jake Keough is amazing and consequently will be racing for a pro team from here on out, Cape Cod is unique but I'm not a beach type of guy, Jon Chodroff is awesome for letting me crash at his place for a while, crits in Harlem are sketchy but racing with Jake makes things more worthwhile, I did a "practice" stage race this weekend in New Jersey and the legs feel fantastic, and Tour of Pennsylvania is on tap starting Tuesday.

Oh yeah I have a nose ring and two tats on each quad now.

(Just kidding Mom, I know you're the only one that reads this now).



Phil Gaimon said...

So you haven't told your mom about the "property of Phil the Thrill" tattoo on your ass?

Ryan Baumann said...

You mean the "Powered by Phil the Thrill.net presented by peanut butter and cookies" tattoo?

Yeah, she knows.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I tried to reply when I was in Spain last week, but the computer I was on wouldn't let me! You'd be cute even with a Nose ring(I think) Love M